Modern Telephony

Modern Telephony

We are specialists in modern telephony

“Calling” should be easy and work regardless of time and place. There are several ways to “call”; via desk phone, mobile, internet, app etc. There are also different types of users who need custom functionality to perform their work.

We help Swedish and international companies with choice, procurement and adaptation of modern telephony, support systems and operator services that meet the business needs.

Focus Areas

Corporate Telephony

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Business telephony can be delivered in several ways; on-premise, “the cloud” or a combination. Call traffic can go through the telephone network or the Internet. Most users want to be mobile. Uclarity helps companies choose the “right” provider of telephone exchange, voicemail, attendant, contact center, operator services and integration with IT systems such as Microsoft Exchange, Teams, Skype, Active Directory etc.

Global Telephony

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International companies often have many different telephony solutions around the world. Uclarity helps companies “roll out” telephony and digital meeting services globally in a cost-effective way. Through our projects, we have gained extensive experience in international roll-out and have a broad expertise in various telephone cultures and regulations around the world.

Microsoft Teams Telephony

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Companies that use Microsoft Office 365 have the opportunity to use Teams for telephony and digital meeting services. Uclarity are specialists in Teams telephony and integration with support systems such as voicemail, attendant, contact center and operator services.

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