Information & Document Management

Information & Document Management

We are specialists in information and document management

Smooth, simple and secure information and document management is a prerequisite for working effectively. But who should see what and how we share with others? We help companies to have a clear structure that follows current information classification and security guidelines – whether the information is in the cloud or on their own servers.

Focus Areas

Customized document management

Different groups of users have different needs and requirements for information and document management. Uclarity helps companies define relevant use cases for different professional groups within the business and suggestions on how to implement them.

Information structure in Microsoft Teams

Companies that have invested in Microsoft Office 365 and Teams have many “tools” for managing information and documents. Uclarity helps companies customize Microsoft Teams for information and document management based on business needs (What, Who, When, How, Why).

Automation of information flows

Today, information management is usually manual and in some cases repetitive. Uclarity helps companies streamline information flows by identifying and automating these with Microsoft Power Automate.

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