Digital way of working

Digital way of working

We are specialists in digital work methods

Technology and man go hand in hand. In order for the desired effect of investments in technology, new working methods must also be established; for the individual, for the working group, for the department, for the company and, by extension, of course for our customers’ customers.

Uclarity helps Swedish and international companies to establish digital work methods that are sustainable for people, the environment and the economy as a whole.

Focus Areas

DigiLed – Digital way of working for management

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Management groups often end up in the backwater when new digital tools are introduced. Contrary to what they really should be, i.e. digital role models. Uclarity has developed a tailor-made program (DigiLed) aimed at management groups and their assistants. The program aims to get the management team, both as a group and individually, to use technology in a more efficient and smarter way.

Sustainable digital way of working

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Digitization affects all aspects of working life. The digital work is relevant to where we work, where we work, with whom we work and even why we work. Uclarity delivers customized training with the aim of increasing the use of “smart” technology to reduce companies’ environmental impact. The fact that employees also become more efficient is only a bonus…

Customized document management

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Different groups of users have different needs and requirements for information and document management. Uclarity helps companies define relevant use cases for different professional groups within the business and suggestions on how to implement them.

Information structure in Microsoft Teams

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Companies that have invested in Microsoft Office 365 and Teams have many “tools” for managing information and documents. Uclarity helps companies customize Microsoft Teams for information and document management based on business needs (What, Who, When, How, Why).

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