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AI & Automation

We are specialists in AI & automation

Digitization and automation with artificial intelligence (AI) are high on the list of many businesses. But the area is broad and there are several types of “machines”, e.g. chat bots, machine learning, voice interpretation, voice control, automation (RPA) to name a few.

We assist Swedish and international organisations with evaluation, adaptation and development of AI services and automation to meet your business needs (internal or customer facing), today and in the future.

Focus Areas

Digital Assistants (Chat bots)

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Digital Assistants (also called Chat Bots) can automate and streamline both internal processes and external digital customer meetings. Uclarity helps companies identify areas that can be streamlined with digital assistants, technology platform selection (e.g., Google Dialogflow, Vergic Engage, Boost AI, Microsoft Bot Framework) and customizations to meet business needs.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

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Robotization is a smart way to streamline or avoid tedious tasks. It can also be used as an interim solution to link old and new IT-systems. Uclarity helps companies identify areas that could be optimized with robotisation (RPA) through process analysis & mapping, evaluation of technical platforms, and finally development & implementation.

Microsoft Power Platform

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Companies using Microsoft Office 365 have the ability to use Power Platform to streamline internal and external processes. Uclarity specializes in components of Microsoft Power Platform; Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents. We help companies identify areas that can be streamlined with Power Platform and help you design, develop and implement.

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