UClarity Virtual Receptionist

UClarity Virtual Receptionist

We enable you to meet your guest or customer wherever you may be

Connect with the customer

Sometimes your customer-facing employees may not be in the same place as the customer want them to. On a popular shopping day where all your employees in the shop are busy serving customers, you still want to keep the waiting customers happy. Imagine if waiting customers could go to a kiosk and easily connect to a remotely located sales or service representative via a videocall and get their questions answered.

The same goes for unmanned receptions in offices or factory buildings. Imagine if the guest could simply press a button on a screen at the entrance and connect to a remotely located receptionist via video, using the Microsoft Skype infrastructure that you have already invested in for the rest of the organisation.

Builds on Microsoft Skype Infrastructure

UClarity Virtual Receptionist provides audio/video calling via exisitning Skype for Business (on-line and on-premise) setups. It will route the call according to your specific routing requirements.


Please contact us for a demonstration of the solution. We are happy to discuss additional requirements that you may have.


This is how it works


A kiosk with a touch screen (tablet computer) is installed with Windows and Microsoft Edge browser. A touch screen with webcam and microphone/speaker is presented to the customer/ visitor.

Artboard 1


The customer or visitor selects communication options on the screen.

Artboard 1


The call is connected according to a pre-determined call-routing logic on the Skype for Business Server.

Artboard 1


The call is connected as a video call and is able to be identified and/ or show specific products to the service agent.

Artboard 1


The caller hangs-up via the touch screen when finished.



  • Touch screen display
  • Processor: 2 GHz or faster processor
  • RAM: 2GB or more
  • HDD: 1 GB space
  • Camera: HD camera
  • Mic & Speakers

Client Software:

  • Windows 10 platform
  • Edge browser
  • IIS server
  • SSL certificate

Skype for Business Infrastructure:

  • On-premise
  • Online Office 365

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