Strategic launch of IT services

Strategic launch of IT services

It is great to see that several large companies have begun to understand how important it is to get their employees to understand and use IT services effectively in their daily work. All too often new IT services  is launched with more focus on technology rather than focusing on getting the employees on board by inspiring the value they bring to the employee, the team and whole organization.

In a video presentation on Youtube Volvo Group explain how they have approached the challenge to get employees on board with their new IT services. They have created a clear vision and a long-term plan for how the new IT services will be launched to employees. Moreover, they have done this with a marketing mindset that you do not often see associated with the introduction of new IT services.

It is clear that everything is anchored with both operations and IT management to get the desired result. There is a theme throughout the whole campaign that’s visualized in an accessible way and launched to all 65,000 PC users. When they followed up and analyzed the results of launching the project, it turns out that it was absolutely worth it to launch the IT services:

  • 85% found it easy to understand the benefits of the new IT services
  • 86% thought that the campaign was credible
  • The satisfaction with Volvos IT environment increased from 65% to 81% of the campaign
  • Much faster rollout of IT services (from months to weeks) because of clear communication and accessibility for employees
  • Tripled the number of visitors to a single IT support site that focused on self service, leading to substantial cost savings for IT support
  • Increased commitment from employees

The Volvo Group’s launch philosophy is very close UClaritys ideas and methods, which we ourselves have implemented for large organizations in both the public and private sectors.

UClaritys launch pyramid helps to create the right conditions from start to finish to succeed to reach all the way when launching new communication and collaboration solutions. We have seen the same effects from structured launches of IT services in the organizations we have worked with. We’re mainly focusing on employee benefits, and the use of proven marketing techniques that allow us and now Vovlo Group has succeeded.

I really hope that soon we will read about more large organizations that invest in similar launch campaignsto get the benefits that IT can actually achieve if used properly and feels relevant to employees in their jobs and everyday life.

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