Test Management

Support when testing IT and Telecom Services

Tydliga testfall och väldefinierad testmetodik gör det möjligt att kvalitetssäkra leveransen av IT- och Telekomtjänster. UClarity följer kunden hela vägen, från upphandling, avtal till acceptanstester.

Test Management

  • Coordinate test meetings with suppliers to review tests and residual lists.
  • Implementation of testing and support for those responsible for designated areas.
  • Error reporting including classification and residual list to provider.
  • Coordinate re-tests for each test area.
  • Produce residual list of outstanding errors from all tests conducted during the project.
  • Produce correction plan with the supplier to be used during the administrative work.
  • Support to customer in the review of delivery contracts and acceptance tests.

Presentation of test plan

  • Description of the test area (exchange, mobile & fixed lines, redirection, voice mail, operator, contact centre, web/video conferencing, email, live chat, security alarms etc.) What is covered, how and when it will be implemented.
  • Compiling a resource, time and priority plan per test area including those responsible for each area and the dates when the tests will be carried out.
  • Compiling test protocols including functional and non-functional test cases with four levels of classification.
  • Support to the respective test manager for test cases and expected results.


Common Questions

  • Does the service/solution work in line with specified business requirements?
  • Does the supplier fulfil specified terms of the agreement?
  • Have we got what we paid for?
  • Is there potential for improvement?

Delivery/ Result

  • Test Plan in PPT and Excel format
  • Test Protocol including residual list for the test area in Excel format
  • Steering Group presentation in PPT format

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