Purchasing of RFI/RFP/RFQ

Advice when purchasing telephony, IT and communication services

We help businesses in both the private and public sector to purchase telephony, IT and communication services based on business needs, budget and existing strategies for IT and telecommunications.

Common Questions

  • What do users demand and how do we create a vision which that the entire organisation can be unified in?
  • What opportunities for change are there with current telecom and IT systems?
  • Which sourcing model is most suitable for us?
  • How can we choose the right provider based on our circumstances?
  • Which functional and non-functional requirements must be included in the contract to meet the business needs?
  • Is there potential for savings?


  • Producing a status report for purchasing including documentation of existing telephony functions, number sequences, data and telecommunications connections, traffic statistics, integration, administration, support etc.
  • Producing requirement specification (must, should, review requirements) for telephony, support systems, contact center, WAN, web/video conferencing, service, support and integration requirements to existing IT systems such as Exchange, AD etc.
  • Producing price and evaluation model (functional and financial) for purchase.
  • Advising on service and support levels (SLAs) for the purchase area.
  • Distribution of RFPs to potential suppliers and managing supplier issues during the purchasing process.
  • Summary and analysis of the tenders received for the contract.
  • Compiling decision data in Excel and PPT format including fulfillment of requirements, costs and advantages/disadvantages of each tender.
  • Presentation of decision documentation to the customer’s steering committee.
  • Support for customers during contract negotiations with the selected supplier.

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