Needs Analysis and Requirement Specification

Identify the needs and which solution that provides the greatest effect

In order to establish purchasing needs we must know how the existing “tools” are used, what the demand is and the functionality and services which will provide the greatest impact to the business, in the short and long term.

Common Questions

  • Which communication and collaboration services do we use today?
  • Which communication services do our employees require and which ones provide the greatest business benefit?
  • Which system or provider can deliver the functionality required for our future communication platform?
  • How do we create goals that the entire organisation can be united in?


  • Web-based user survey to identify current communication and collaboration patterns and future preferences.
  • Interviews with representatives from the business and IT department to identify functional and non-functional requirements.
  • Workshop with representatives from the business to identify areas for improvement and which new functions/services will deliver the greatest impact on the business.
  • Analysis of current communication, collaboration and meeting culture and the potential for change, based on current circumstances (technological/ human).


  • Compilation of the user survey in PDF format including key indicators for communication efficiency and user satisfaction.
  • Compilation of interviews in Word format including functional and non-functional requirements for the purposes of purchase.
  • Compilation of workshop results in PPT format including business priorities for the purposes of purchase.
  • Presentation of proposed of aims and objectives.
  • Presentation of decision documentation in PPT format and presentation to customer/steering committee with recommendations for the next phase.

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