Communication Analysis

What services are used and what do they cost in reality?

In order to establish purchasing needs, we need to identify current communication patterns, which services are used and costs.  We are then in a position to estimate potential savings on purchasing in relation to the specified goals of the business.

Common questions

  • Which communication and collaboration services do we use today?
  • What do our communication services cost?
  • Do we pay what we should according to the contract?
  • Is there potential for savings?
  • Is there consolidation potential of existing providers/carriers?


  • Gathering of traffic statistics and financial data from existing telecom carriers and suppliers.
  • Analysis of the current communication patterns and costs (call volumes for fixed-line/mobile telephony, data traffic, roaming, connections, subscriptions, service agreements etc.)
  • Compilation of existing communication costs and the production of key indicators and observations.
  • Calculation of indicative potential savings based on current market prices.


  • Report in PDF format consisting of a compilation of existing communication patterns and costs and key indicators.
  • Report in PDF format of the savings potential in this area.
  • Presentation of decision documentation in PPT format and presentation to customer/steering committee with recommendations for the next phase.

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