Analysis of Status Report IT/Telecom

Analysis of existing communication systems, services and agreements

There are usually several different approaches to implementing change.  A good understanding of the present situation for existing communication systems, services and contracts increases the chance making the right choices for the future.

Common Questions

  • Which opportunities for change are there with current telecom and IT systems?
  • What are our current costs for communication and collaboration services?
  • Which supplier contracts do we have and how do these affect our future plans?
  • How can we meet business needs whilst avoiding sub-optimisation of telecom and IT?


  • Documentation of current IT communication systems, services and contracts.
  • Documentation of current telecommunication systems, services and contracts.
  • Review of existing strategies and action plans within IT and telecom.
  • Identification of policies, rules and business initiatives which may affect future change projects.


  • Compilation of current communication and collaboration systems, services and “tools” in PPT format.
  • Presentation of a conceptual design of existing communication and collaboration systems and services in PPT format.
  • Compilation of overall costs per area in PPT format.
  • Production of a final report in reader-friendly PPT format.
  • Presentation to the customer/steering committee with recommendations for the next phase.

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