Which communication services do we use today and what do they cost?

The purchase of telephony and carrier services has become increasingly complex as telephony and IT communication are converging at the same time as user and business needs are changing. Regardless of whether you have your own exchange and support systems for telephony, or whether you buy communication as a service (CAS), there are several areas which need addressing in order to avoid sub-optimization, high communication costs and dissatisfied users. UClarity has many years experience of creating and implementing the purchase of communication and collaboration solutions for public and private sector administration.

Our Purchasing Services

Needs Analysis and Requirement Specification

In order to establish purchasing needs we must know how the existing “tools” are used, what the demand is and the functionality and services which will provide the greatest impact to the business, in the short and long term.

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Analysis of Status Report IT/Telecom

There are usually several different approaches to implementing change.  A good understanding of the present situation for existing communication systems, services and contracts increases the chance making the right choices for the future.

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Communication Analysis

In order to establish purchasing needs, we need to identify current communication patterns, which services are used and costs.  We are then in a position to estimate potential savings on purchasing in relation to the specified goals of the business.

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Purchasing RFI/RFP/RFQ

We help businesses in both the private and public sector to purchase telephony, IT and communication services based on business needs, budget and existing strategies for IT and telecommunications.

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Test Management

Clear test cases and well-defined test methods make it possible to quality assure the delivery of IT and Telecom Services. UClarity follows the customer for the entire journey from purchasing, to contracts and acceptance tests.

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Our Approach

Typical Customer Challenges

Which communication services do we use today and what are the costs?

How do we choose the right provider based on our circumstances?

How do we create goals that the entire organisation can be united in?

Which communication services do our employees require and which ones provide the greatest business benefit?

Which system will deliver the functionality required for our future communication platform?

What potential savings are there?