Launch Plan for new IT services

Achieve a successful impact and lasting change

Organisations today are constantly implementing new IT services for communication and collaboration which are not launched effectively to employees.

Common Challenges

  • How do we get users to use technology effectively?
  • Over and above simple reference guides, in what ways can we launch and expand use?
  • How do we create commitment to new working routines using IT services?
  • Who in the organisation should be involved in a successful launch?
  • What does it cost to launch and how long will it take?


Needs analysis

Mapping the need for change via user survey and in-depth interviews with end users.


Decision makers from IT, HR and the business participate in formulating how to most effectively communicate and launch new IT services and working routines.

Documentation and presentation

Launch plan describing goals, objectives and strategies which will encompass the whole process.

Method of Delivery

  • Report in PDF format compiling needs analysis within communication and collaboration
  • Preparation, implementation and documentation in PDF format of facilitated workshops
  • Report in PDF format of launch plan for communication and collaboration solutions

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