Purchasing of telephony systems and operator services

Purchasing of telephony systems and operator services


Industry: Union

Telephony is one of the main channels of communication at the union. The existing telephony platform is of an outgoing model and must be replaced. The union has conducted a pilot study which included needs analysis, vision and action plan concerning future communication systems. The union wanted to purchase a new telephony platform.


UClarity‘s assignment is to develop a requirements specification and tender documentation, and support the union in the choice of future communications solution and operators. Summary of the primary activities:

Development of requirements specification

  • Development of requirement specification for future communications solution based on the completion of the needs analysis, existing IT / telecom strategies, traffic patterns and costs
  • Analysis of alternative operating and management models (own operation, which service or mix) with the advantages / disadvantages of each option
  • Documentation of integration requirements, phone features, reference, number series, data and telecommunications connections, support, statistics, management, financing, training, deadlines, etc.
  • Anchoring requirement specification of activities

Development of purchase documentation (RFP)

  • Create purchasing documents based on requirement specification
  • Dispatch to 4-6 potential suppliers

Evaluation and decision data

  • Summary of responses incl. licensing and hardware costs, and operating agreements
  • Coordination of the supplier meetings where each supplier must present its proposal
  • Development of decision support incl. for / cons of each proposal
  • Presentation of proposals to the steering committee

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