About UClarity

About UClarity

UClarity was founded in the autumn of 2008 and is now a leading advisor for digital meetings and digital ways of working.

Using a unique methodology based on business needs, we ensure that technology does not become a value in itself but rather a facilitator for business value. UClarity is comprised of senior consultants with many years experience in the fields of IT, telecom and business advisory services. Our expertise ranges from strategic consulting, purchasing and technical architecture through to the user adoption and change management.

Our mission is to enable people to work smarter together independent of time and place. We believe that smarter communication and collaboration will increase sustainability for people, our environment and for the economy.

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What our customers say about us

  • "I also want to thank you and the project team for a very well managed project. I appreciate the work you been doing for us and I especially appreciate your professional way of being!"
    Vice President Supply Chain Management, IT & Quality
  • "At last I understand what IT tried to say!"
    Nordic Operations Manager
  • "Once again you deliver in a class of yourselves"
    CTO, Government Agency
  • "UClarity has played a key role in the project concerning the installation and deployment of our new communication platform and has solved the task very well."
    IT Architect, Government Agency
  • "Thank you for putting emphasis on users and not just talking technology"
    CEO, manufacturing industry

A selection of the industries we worked in

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