Pia Stider

Pia Stider

Senior Consultant

Pia Stider is one of UClarity’s leading specialists in the management of sustainable digital transformation.

She has a solid experience of strategic competence management, occupational health and safety issues, activity-based working methods, leadership and employee skills.

Prior to UClarity, she comes from Försäkringskassan, Swedens Social Insurance Agency, where she worked as a strategic HR developer. Pia was the overall project manager for long-term development of Försäkringskassan’s activity-based work methods. As a change leader and HR partner for IT, a key task was to support the digital journey by initiating and running the Project A Smarter Day. The change program aimed at supporting employees to wanting, being able and working digitally. By focusing on behaviors rather than technology, the goal was to optimize the digital workplace for the benefit of both business, employees and the environment.

Pia is passionate about making sure the digital transformation is sustainable by promoting cooperation between HR and IT. Pia also is eager to help organizations get the employees themselves to push the use of communication and collaboration solutions in smart ways.

Her expertise and experience is based on a more than 20 year career in HR, most recently at the Social Insurance Agency, where Pia has worked in a variety of roles.